5 Useful Life Hacks Every Person on This Planet Needs to Know

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5 useful Life Hacks Every Person on This Planet Needs to Know. There is a saying that there is a solution to every problem. Some get solved immediately, while others take time. And it is no secret that every person in the world is fighting his/her own battle in some way; no one has a perfect life. But, here are 5 simple things you can do to make your life easier. Of course, success rates will differ according to each individual and situation, but no harm in giving these a go.


I. Warmth

Warm Coffee


It doesn’t hurt to smile. But that is not what will let you get your way always. Go a step further. If you need someone’s approval for something, before asking for permission, give that person a hot cup of coffee. Research says that, when people feel warm, they more often than not tend to give in to something; though it shouldn’t be something unreasonable. The colder a person feels, the less likely he/she is to say yes to anything. Now you know why they say – warm person.

II. Purchases

Car Deal

If you need to buy something that costs a lot, determine the best time of the month or year for doing it. Let’s say you need to buy a used car. The perfect time to go for this is at the end of the month. That is when the dealer is desperate to meet his targets and will be willing to lessen the price considerably to make a deal with you. Similarly, think logically about any other expensive purchase you need to make; when would you get the best deal?

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III. Stress Relief

Stress Relief

Life is never easy. Whenever you face a problem, or feel really stressed out, just lie on your back. This releases stress hormones in a way you can’t imagine. You’ll feel much better and it will help with problem-solving. This trick also helps in getting more creative. So when you have writer’s block or a creative dead-end, try it.

IV. Weight Control

Small Food Plate

This is not about going to the gym and exercising. That is all you can decide for yourself. This trick helps you avoid overeating. That’s why I have said weight control and not weight loss. Have your meals on smaller plates. This way, the amount of food you serve yourself seems more, and you won’t wanna take another helping and overeat. The same amount of food will seem less on a larger plate.

Also, You can increase the frequency of eating. Suppose you eat daily 3 times in big meals divide it between 5-6 meals. I tried both methods by myself and got the results. Soon I will share a dedicated post covering this.

V. Dieting

Mirror Technique

Again, here, I’m not gonna lay down a diet plan for you. Let’s leave that to the professional nutritionists. This trick will prevent you from running to the kitchen often to grab a bite when you have nothing better to do. Put up a large mirror in your kitchen. Not many people know this, but it really works. Every time you see yourself in the kitchen stealing a snack, you will feel guilty. It won’t work overnight, but will gradually make you lessen this bad habit. If you really want stop thinking that you can’t. That’s not true anyone can do that. Just required your dedication and willpower. Results will be seen but start today.

There you go. These simple lifestyle hacks will go a long way in solving many crucial things in your life. Obviously, there is much more to life than just these little problems, but we’ll leave that discussion for another day.

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