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Thinking Skills Club at AmeriSchools

Thinking Skills Club at AmeriSchools

Yuma Sun article: Students in after-school program play online “brain puzzle” games

Average students. Gifted students. Challenged students. Why compartmentalize them when everyone could use a brain boost?

The Thinking Skills Club curriculum of online games helps children in Grades 3-6 develop Working Memory, Focused Attention, Executive Function skills and other cognitive abilities.

All of them.

Using the Club is simple

1. Send your student(s) to
2. They choose a puzzle piece and see the games for that piece, and start playing.
3. When they beat the criteria, they click the I DID IT button (green) and send in the form.
4. Your email goes on the form as witness, and they choose their Brain Name at that time as well.
5. Their Brain Puzzle appears on your Club Page or the Home Players Page!

NOTE: Try to access from your school computer to make sure you can access the games. You may need to ask your District to allow gaming sites.

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