About Us

Law Times Journal is India’s leading online portal dedicated to the law which inculcates the ideology of ‘free education’ in the Indian Legal sector. Through this portal, a maiden step in the direction of “Right to Education” has been initiated. We provide legal news, law articles, legal case summary, Blawgs and much more.
The portal believes in providing education free of cost by providing a platform wherein young legal, JRF, IAS and Judiciary aspirants are given tools to sharpen their acumen.
This online portal has a repository of numerous question papers pertaining to CLAT, IAS/PCS, and Judiciary, etc. for the perusal of the students and also bestows the young aspirants with the answers to the respective question papers.
Law Times Journal also provides services and tips for resume and C.V improvement which would be instrumental in fetching the young students’ desired internship. Student’s review of their respective law colleges is an integral part of this portal which would provide any first-hand account of the present students to the prospective law students.
It also provides users with a database of law school and internship opportunities in various cities for students, which are accessible region-wise.